Live: Mug Cake

When I was attending college in New York, my older sister and I would often meet up on the weekends. One weekend, my sister came over and we made a mug cake. Yes, you are reading it right “a cake in a mug.” It was really fun, and the cake actually came out pretty good considering it was made in the microwave. Yeah!

So, I hopped on YouTube to find some step by step recipe tutorials. Check out Emma’s Goodies for more info.

Love: Looking for Clear and Descriptive Hair Tutorials?

I absolutely love Bebexo’s YouTube channel. She has the best step by step descriptive language for complex hairstyles. She teaches techniques including and not limited to putting in extensions, braiding, casual up dues, and formal hairstyles.

Eliminate Tech Triggers with These 5 Steps to Change Built in Contrast Settings For Windows 10

note: in the very near future I will provide steps for changing settings on the MAC and Chrome opporating systems.

  1. Use the windows key to open the start menu
  2. In the search box type in contrast
  3. The system setting (turn high contrast on or off) will appear in search results. Arrow and hit enter on it. Commonly, it is the first option so you can just hit enter.
  4. Use the tab key to navigate through the customization options.
  5. Once the settings are the way you like hit enter on apply.


My name is Bridget.

Welcome to my corner of the internet.

Beyond Coffee is a daily lifestyle site. I cover everything in life from education to health and wellness. I strive to be authentic while tackling some of the most challenging and potentially controversial  topics relating to life for individuals in their 20s who are living with chronic illness and/or disability.


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Debunk Chronic Pain Stigma In 10 Steps

Debunk Chronic Pain Stigma In 10 Steps

What Is Chronic Pain?              Have you ever wondered why we experience pain? Pain is a symptom that can serve as a warning there is something wrong with the body, but what if you always feel pain?  According to an article on by Erica Cirino,...

SEEDS An Acronym To Help Mannage Chronic Illness

This article offers some very practicle lifestyle management strateges. Although it is written for individuals with Migraine Disease, anyone living with chronic illness may find it relatable and practicle.

5 Effective Steps For Natural Migraine Prevention: S.E.E.D.S.

Explore the Layout of the Course

Soon after your courses open on your learning management system take the opportunity to explore the layout of the course. Get familiar with where lesson content, announcements, syllabi, assignments, and helpful resources are located.

New Keyboard Commands

If you are adjusting to some new keyboard commands, have a cheat sheet close by for reference.


If you get stuck, try sending a Tweet to the manufacturer of your specific software or device

Essential Tech Contact Info

Put together a list of the contact information for your assistive tech manufacturers, Microsoft,  Apple, other relevant manufacturers, and the campus tech help desk.

Use Social Media To Its Full Capacity

Social media is a great tool. Don’t hesitate to ask your question on your personal Facebook page or in a community group. You may even find a Redit feed with similar topics and questions related to yours.